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Japanese Vocabulary
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Goi combines the ease of guided instruction with the power of self-study to completely reinvent the way we learn foreign language vocabulary. Our powerful learning algorithm makes levels unnecessary. Instead, Goi uses your own personal learning history to show you new words that are easiest for you to learn at any given time. The more you use Goi, the smarter it gets!

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Everyone's knowledge is different—that's why there are no levels, and instead a dynamic system that continually adapts to what you know and have learned.

Contextual Spacing™

Not just another SRS

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Both types of review. One powerful combination.

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Goi features a unique combination of passive and active recall while reviewing. First, see if you can recognize a word. Then, try to produce it yourself. Production without recognition is too difficult, leading to frustration, but recognition without production is too easy and doesn't provide the mental challenge that makes memory grow. Goi combines both into Review Sets for optimal learning. As a bonus, this means you'll always know which word you're studying and never be confused by homonyms or ambiguous definitions.

Intelligent Checkpoints

Levels are so last year

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Session Pulse

Goi keeps track of how you're doing during your study session, and lets you know in a simple, clean interface. This helps you easily decide the best place to take a break.

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Recent Snapshot

Clearly see how many words you've studied compared to your last study session. This lets you easily set sudy targets and stick with them while staying ahead of your former self.

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Keep your study streak going by racking up study days. It's no secret that the key to language mastery is consistency -- so Goi keeps track of this for you. Don't break your streak!

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Learn word usage like a pro

With a single tap, Goi shows you sentences and usage examples for each word on ALC—a huge database of translations curated by professional translators.

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Kanji details—because details matter

All 2,135 Jōyō Kanji include meaning, stroke count, and beautiful custom stroke animations so you can learn to write them with ease.

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Your Personal Word Library

Goi has a built-in dictionary, but unlike other dictionaries, it keeps track of which words you know and which words you don't.

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Test both reading and meaning

Goi shows you furigana with new words and then automatically begins to hide it as you learn words better so you can gradually test your reading ability.

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Detailed Statistics

View and track your long term progress. JLPT levels, history, completion, it's all there.

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Hear words in native Japanese

Tap any Japanese word to hear a professionally recorded native speaker pronounce it for you.

I wish I had this app earlier in my Japanese studies as it would have greatly improved my Japanese. Well-polished, good work overall!
by kasanari (App Store reviewer)
Goi is awesome for either starting to learn Japanese vocabulary (if you haven't already) or adding another tool to your arsenal of study methods.
by Taisho12 (App Store reviewer)

This sounds pretty cool, but how do I know it works?

Goi is based on tested research in the fields of linguistics, cognitive psychology, and education. More importantly though, it's based on years of personal experience in studying foreign languages. We created Goi because we wanted a better tool to study vocabulary and we use it ourselves.

I've heard studying vocab in isolation isn't effective...

Years of experience learning and speaking foreign languages taught us that by far the largest gap in our knowledge boils down to lack of vocabulary. Grammar is mostly conceptual and is best learned through dedicated study and repeated exposure to real content. Vocabulary is like bricks used to build a house—without them you can have all the grammar in the world and you won't be able to speak. Goi has been designed to be the quickest and most effective way to build your vocabulary so you can start reading real Japanese materials as quickly as possible, which is really the best way to learn grammar.

How is Contextual Spacing better than SRS?

SRS stands for Spaced Repetition System and is found in some popular flashcard tools. SRS gradually increases the duration between reviews of a given word based on the expectation that this helps transition information from one's short term to long term memory. SRS uses time intervals to determine the spacing and does not factor context into the equation.

Like SRS systems, Goi also gradually increases the duration between reviews, however, unlike SRS it uses context in addition to time to determine the spacing. Using context allows Goi to determine spacing on a per-user basis meaning that your spacing will be different from that of your friend.

Goi uses context intelligently based on how well you know a given word. If you're somewhat shaky on a given word you'll see it in context to help make it stick. After some time though, you'll see it in less and less of a familiar context, which will help solidify that word in your long-term memory. You really have to try it out to see how well this works.

How many words does Goi teach?

Goi currently has 8,385 words all from the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). These words range all the way from N5 to N1.

We'll be continually adding more words into the future, but we figured the JLPT was a great place to start. If you'd like to see any specific types of words or word lists implemented in Goi, feel free to shoot us a message through our contact form!

Will Goi help me with my pronunciation?

Every word in Goi has been professionally recorded by a native Japanese speaker so you can hear the proper pronunciation for yourself.

How do I know when I'm done reviewing?

Goi's Intelligent Checkpoints serve two purposes: They give you a great snapshot at your progress for the current study session, and they also give you a good spot to take a study break if you'd like. You can of course keep studying if you'd like though!

How do I know how I'm doing if there aren't any levels?

We provide three mechanisms by which you can measure your progress:

  1. Intelligent Checkpoints

    Every so often during your study session, you'll be shown a snapshot of your progress. One of the most important parts of learning a language is studying consistently, and Goi's intelligent checkpoints are designed to show you statistics that keep you motivated.

  2. Detailed Statistics

    Goi also tracks your broader, overall statistics in detail. As you study, Goi will keep track of how many words you've learned, how many you know in each JLPT level, and your records for how many days in a row you've kept up.

  3. My Word Library

    Goi includes a built-in dictionary, but it also featured a custom dictionary that keeps track of the words you've learned. As you learn and master the language, you can watch your personal word library grow!

Do you test both reading and meaning?

Yes! Goi's unique study process tests your memory with both types of recall -- passive and active. This is done in four steps:

  1. First, you'll see a Japanese word. This tests your passive recall -- your ability to recognize and read the word.
  2. Next, you'll have a chance to grade yourself on how well you recognized it.
  3. Then, you'll be presented with the translation of that Japanese word. This tests your active recall -- can you remember the word? Can you write it on your own?
  4. Lastly you'll grade your active recall ability.

Goi's algorithm keeps track of your active and passive recall for each word individually, and tailors what it teaches to your performance.

Goi 1.1 Released on October 9, 2013

  • Goi now includes beautiful stroke animations for all 2,136 Jōyō Kanji!
  • Each Kanji now also has details showing its meaning and stroke count so you can break word meanings down like a pro.
  • We've integrated ALC lookup so you can now see example sentences and usage super easy.
  • Lastly, Goi is now approximately 10% harder, better, faster, and stronger due to performance optimizations and secret code-fu.

Goi 1.0.1 Released on August 12, 2013

  • Streak now working in Intelligent Checkpoints -- track your consistency!
  • Recent Snapshot in Stats was resetting mid-day. This is now fixed.
  • Study Streak in Stats will now update

Goi 1.0 Released on July 27, 2013

  • Goi is now live on the App Store!

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